Weekly Ministries

9:30 a.m. Sunday School/BTU
New Member Orientation
Youth Orientation
Couples Ministry (2nd Sun)
Youth Church (1st, 3rd, & 4th Sun)
Communion Services (1st Sun)
Freewill Mission Circle 5:00pm
General Mission (4th Mon)
Youth Choir Rehearsal (1st Mon) 6:00pm
Senior Usher Board (3rd Tue) 5:30pm
Carolyn Reason Mission Circle 6:00pm
Queen Esther Mission Circle 6:00pm
Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 6:45pm
Sunday School Teachers Meeting 5:15pm
Youth Mission 5:00pm
Prayer Service 6:00pm
Youth Prayer & Bible Study 6:00pm
Mid-Week Bible Study 7:00pm
WOW Night (4th Wed)
Discipleship Class 10:00am
Brotherhood Class 6:30pm
Male Chorus Rehearsal 6:30pm
Willing Workers Mission Circle
Youth Ushers Meet (2nd Sat) 2:00pm

Welcome to the Website of Eastern Star Baptist Church, Port Arthur!

Mission Statement

We, the members of  the Eastern Star Baptist Church, at 548 East 15th Street, Port Arthur, Texas, as we seek to share in its entirety the good news of Jesus Christ,
We will
Exalt the Savior with truthful and meaningful worship, that is structured and spontaneous; We will Equip the Saints by preparing believers in the Word of God, to do the Work of God, by helping them to discover their God given gifts and talents;  
We will
Edify the Soul by ministering to the inner man by meeting emotional and spiritual needs through bible study, prayer meetings, seminars, revivals, retreats and bible school;  
We will
Enhance the Spirit's effectiveness by being obedient to leadership of the Holy Spirit as He leads us in the ways of God;  
We will
Encourage the Sufferer by providing a place where the lonely can find love, the helpless can find hope, the lost can find leadership, and the guilty can find grace;  
We will
Enjoy the Society of people gathered together by way of fellowship that is filled with Love, Laughter, and Living together in harmony;  
We will
Evangelize the Sinner by sharing the gospel with the unsaved with every opportunity that is given, whether those contacts be family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers or neighbors.